Widok is a company with a long tradition and experience.

The most important asset of our organisation is the people who provide their services and energy. Their competences, knowledge, creativity, talents, abilities, experiences and attitudes are decisive in rendering our company effective. The strategy of our organisation and all its aims are being realised by its employees. It is our employees who create our company and are active in its structures. It is our employees who have an impact on the company’s efficiency, solidity, market position, advantage over the competition, fulfilling our clients’ needs and who are helpful in detecting and solving problems.

Become a part of our success!

In the aspect of realising our human resources policy – which is closely connected with the strategy and the aims of our enterprise – the choice of the right employees has a pivotal meaning. We are especially focused on the right judgment of capabilities, personality and the employees’ potential at the time of recruiting them. A correct recruitment decision means not only hiring a worker meeting the expectations of the company with regards to substantive issues. It also means hiring a worker who wishes to have a longer relationship with the company. We create a working atmosphere where each success of the company is also regarded as the success of our employees.


The first step needs to be made by the candidate who – after reading the job offer – sends us his CV together with a motivation letter to the address:

The second step is the analysis and the selection of applications. From among the CVs sent we chose the ones that best meet the demands of the position on offer.

Step three – is the telephone contact with the chosen group of candidates in order to clear certain doubts and test some of their qualities. Chosen candidates are invited for a job interview.

Step four – a meeting with the candidate in order to research his past professional experience, his accomplishments and plans for the future. It is also the moment when personal qualities are being investigated. During the meeting, we may use knowledge tests. At the same time the candidate has the opportunity to find out more about our organisation, clear any doubts he has and receive answers to questions he might have.

Step five – At this stage we make our decision as to which candidate will fill in the position he applied for.

Step six – We propose the conditions of the job offer and employment.

Welcome to the Widok team!!!

If there are currently no job offers for the position that would interest you but you would like to work in WIDOK liability company, do send us your application to In the title of the email write the job position you are interested in.

Please include in your application the following disclaimer:

„I hereby consent to my personal data be processed in the current and future recruitment process in WIDOK liability company, in accordance with the law passed on the 29.08.1997 about the personal data protection”.

We would like to inform you as well that: 

  1. the administrator of your personal data is WIDOK liability company, based in Warsaw, ul. Łabiszyńska 21a, 03-204 Warsaw,
  2. Your personal data will be processed in order to recruit for the position fitting your qualifications and will not be disclosed to third parties,
  3. You have the right to access and update your personal data,
  4. Disclosing your personal data is voluntary, however concealing the information as indicated in the article 2211 k.p. will result in our dismissing the job offer we made to you,
  5. Your personal data will be kept in our database for the period of one year. If you are not interested in your data being held please contact us directly.


Assistant/ Designer of Aluminium Construction

Job Description:

  • the realisation of construction works connected to designing,
  • preparing technical documentation, according to the norms in force and Construction Laws,
  • cooperation with the production department in the scope of solving technical and technological problems,
  • preparing sets of elements required for an order, based on documentation at hand,
  • Implementing new technologies, innovations and improvements,
  • taking up mediating activities in order to avoid conflicts,
  • evaluating the level of construction and technological solutions’ correctness,
  • being responsible for long-term and correct implementation of allocated tasks.


  • higher technical education,
  • a very good command of CAD programmes,
  • experience in constructing and preparing production would be an advantage,
  • experience in the facade-construction sector,
  • the knowledge of technological carving and cleansing alloy and steel,
  • good organisational skills,
  • creativity and the ability to find solutions out-of-the-box,
  • the ability to think analytically,
  • the ability to search for solutions on your own and to learn about new technologies,
  • the ability to make quick decisions under pressure,
  • engagement and a strong motivation to work.

Construction Foreman

Job Description:

  • fulfilling tasks according to technical documentation, approved schedule, rules of construction work and law regulations,
  • overseeing and coordination of the work performed by business partners,
  • cooperation with suppliers, coordination of material supplies,
  • the planning of optimal use of means to hand, necessary for the realisation of the project, constant control of the use of materials,
  • building and maintaining good relationships with a client.


  • experience at a similar job position would be an advantage,
  • experience in aluminium and steel construction sector would be an advantage,
  • knowledge of technical drawing,
  • knowledge of methods and construction techniques,
  • command of computer programmes (Windows, MS Office Pack, Excel at the intermediate level)
  • physical fitness,
  • the ability to make new contacts and network,
  • good organisational skills,
  • the ability to make right decisions under pressure,
  • flexibility, engagement and strong motivation for work.
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