The mission WIDOK Limited liability company Sp. k. is to create and maintain an accurate and adjusted to every wallet business offer by proposing to them products and services of the highest quality and at the most competitive prices. We also focus on hiring qualified employees and training their competences. To work with passion, energy and respect.


To maintain the position of a restricted liability company in our market sector and to build satisfaction of the client through:

  • continuous process of improving the quality of our products and services,
  • perfecting the quality of client communication,
  • the development of our production sites as well as investing in new technologies,
  • constant investing in the training of our employees for them to gain more knowledge and experience. Thanks to their creativity and professionalism in expanding the product offer they already meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.


The most important values that we pride on in our company are: 

  • solidity:  we care for precision and accuracy of the tasks to hand. We do our best to reach the level of our products and services that fully satisfies our clients’ expectations;
  • professionalism and transparency:  together with our business partners we have a constructive, transparent and open dialog based on mutual respect and professionalism;
  • responsibility:  for the consequences resulting from our business activity and especially for our products and services provided to the clients;
  • honesty:  impeccable behaviour towards our business partners and employees;
  • impartiality:  we treat our business partners and employees with respect; and our relationships are characterised by mutual interest; we support the value of equal chances as well as working environment based on objectivity and free of pressure;
  • development:  our employees are the most important value to us – we respect human rights, we provide decent working conditions and equal chances to develop; we treat them as the biggest Ambassadors of our brand.
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